Are ENJOI Skateboards A Good Brand For Beginner?

ENJOI Skateboards
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When finding a suitable skateboard for beginners, it’s always nice to have a trusted brand to help narrow down your choices. On top of that, judging on the quality of their products, you can even compare them with product from other brands to make your final decisions.

Our post features the ENJOI Skateboards WHITEY PANDA, one of the best skateboards for beginners. Considering different factors, you’ll not likely find anything that has better quality than this. Stay tuned to find out are ENJOI a good skateboards brand for beginners?

Why choose ENJOI for beginners?



A long history with approved quality

Originally formed by two legendary skateboarders, Marc Johnson, and Rodney Mullen, ENJOI has a long history ever since its first debut in 2000.

The company is known to be one of the most innovative brands out there that always dare to try out new technologies on their product. Their product has received worldwide popularity for its quality and reasonable pricing.

With the forming of the notorious “A-team’ which included both skateboard legends and other dedicated skateboarders as well as engineers, the brand is prompted to deliver only the best quality boards to beginners.

ENJOI product features

Wide dimension decks – This is known among skateboarders as skateboards for the professionals. By having a wider deck, ENJOI boards make it easier to produce awesome tricks. Not to mention that the wide deck is also helpful to prevent injuries during practice.

Reliable trucks – ENJOI trucks are always recommended by pro-skaters as they provide great maneuverability. The trucks are designed so that the can be tightened or loosen to adjust the resistances depending on your preferences.

Wheels – ENJOI wheels cover a broad lineup with various features as well as a guaranteed quality. Most of their wheels are made from high-quality urethane and polyurethane to ensure their quality. You can find wheels with varied diameter and durometer that would fit perfectly on your set up.

Bearings – Most of ENJOI bearings are made from durable and high-performance materials to ensure their quality. They also come with high-quality balls to ensure fluent movements.

The best ENJOI skateboard for beginner

Here you’ll find the best ENJOI skateboard for beginners that is recommended by our experts. When it comes to beginners, the ENJOI Skateboards WHITEY PANDA is one of a few excellent boards that are not easy to find in today’s market.



Product overview

Here are the over specs of the ENJOI Skateboard WHITEY PANDA:

  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Dimension: 7.75″ x 31.1″
  • Wheels: 52mm 99A
  • Grade 8 steel trucks
  • High-quality Aluminum bearings


Individually pressed wooden deck

The deck is made of Canada Maple wood plies, each of which is individually pressed. This ensures an accurate concave and curvature on each ply.

Using specialized Epoxy resin glue, the plies are then properly pressed into one to make sure your deck’s durability.

Compared to traditional deck construction where the plies are pre-attached before they’re pressed to create concave and curvature, this method makes your deck stronger as well as offer better responsiveness.

High-quality trucks

A good pair of trucks is always what you want to have on your skateboard. They’re responsible for maintaining the balance as well as providing reliable control over your skateboard. So it’s really important to have durable trucks so you can comfortably stand on.

Thanks to the high-quality aluminum trucks, ENJOI skateboard trucks deliver both lightweight and impressive durability. They’ll ensure your board stays secure with each flip.

In additions, the blackish design really works on the WHITEY PANDA board, making the skateboard look more aesthetic.

Great for street skating

99A durometer

99A durometer

The board comes with 52mm 99A wheels, which are perfect for street skating. It comes with a suitable size for short-distance activities which usually require small wheels. On top of that, the small wheels also make it easier to perform difficult tricks on your board.

The 99A durometer measurement ensures the wheels stay in shape and reliable even after strong impacts. It also helps to deal with rocks and pebbles, in case you run into them.

Along with high-quality deck and trucks, the ENJOI Skateboards WHITEY PANDA is perfect for getting into street or park skating.

High-quality bearings

The WHITEY PANDA bearings consist of light synthetic oils that provide excellent lubing effects. This allows your wheels to rotate faster and smoother.

Moreover, the manufacturer has included rubber shields on the bearings to protect the balls from dirt and potentially water leakage. It also makes things a lot easier when you need to perform some maintenances with the inner balls.

Hence, they’re one of the best bearings on the market and the best components for your WHITEY PANDA skateboard.

Stylish panda design

Stylish panda design

Stylish panda design

The whole package features the unique black and white color design that resembles a panda. White deck, black trucks, and white wheels, these create a brilliant color combination that makes your skateboard stand out everywhere you go.

You’ll also get anesthetic panda printed on the deck, a gift from ENJOI to show their appreciation. The panda is also their signature logo that will make others realize that you’re using an ENJOI product.

Good price

Consider all high-quality components that you’ll receive in the package, I have to admit that ENJOI has really put a lot of their efforts into this. The pricing and functionality that the board offer is just really impressive.

Though I wouldn’t say that the pricing is unbeatable, however, you won’t likely to find a similar product on the market that offers the same quality as the ENJOI WHITEY PANDA.


Arrives un-assembled

As an experienced skateboarder, I don’t think of this as a drawback. With un-assembled pieces, I can easily make changes and customizations on my board the way I want.

However, for most beginners, it’s really challenging to put together their first skateboard from all the complex components. This is why it’s essential for you to consult an experienced skateboarder for help before assembling your ENJOI skateboard. Don’t do this unprepared as you might damage the parts when installing them incorrectly.

With durable construction, good functionality, and stylish design, it is no surprise that the ENJOI WHITEY PANDA and many other ENJOI products are trusted by skateboarders. For skaters who want to look for products at other categories, you can check out other products by ENJOI which would surely satisfy you.