What age can you start skateboarding?

What age can you start skateboarding
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If you’re thinking to get into skateboarding but don’t think that you are at the right ages, don’t worry, skateboarders don’t become skilled in a few days. It takes more practices than physical capabilities to get you far in skateboarding.

That being said, if you’re thinking of getting into this sport, there shouldn’t be anything that could slow you down.

However, it’s also useful to know what are the best ages to start skateboarding, just to know what you’re up against.

What Is The Best Age?

The Best Age To Start Skateboarding

The Best Age To Start Skateboarding

According to general belief, it’s best to start skateboarding at a young age, usually between 4-6 years old. However, there are also younger kids who practice skateboarding when they were only 2 years old. Most professional skateboarders also get into skating from relatively young ages.

This allows them to develop good physics right when they were still young. In additions, by having exposed to skateboarding very soon, these kids usually grow up with the love of the sport. It allows them to achieve great things.

Still, if you’re thinking about getting into skateboarding, you shouldn’t let age become a reason to stop you. Maybe you’re not young enough to perform a stock 720 or even an ollie, but you can at least do some cruising with your board.

In facts, I’ve seen many old dudes rule their skate parks with amazing tricks and techniques.

How To Start Skateboarding?

That being said, if you’ve decided to start skating on your board, it’s time to move on to the next step, which is learning how to skate. Now I’ll just assume that you’ve gotten yourself a good skateboard to start practicing. But if you haven’t, make sure to purchase quality boards from trusted brands.

Decide which foot to put forward

To start skating, you’ll need to decide which foot to put forward and which foot you use to push. A lot of beginners tend to get confused at this stage and they end up switching between different positions with little improvements.

The key here is to let your feet familiarize with the skateboard, which means that you’ll need to decide where to place your feet first. Then practice pushing in that position to get used to the motions. Once you’re comfortable doing that, it’s time to move on the next step.

Front foot transitions

All of your tricks will be done with both of your foot in the riding position

All of your tricks will be done with both of your foot in the riding position

After you’ve decided to choose a certain foot to place forward, you’ll need to learn about its transition during a ride. While you’re pushing, make sure the front foot is placed forward and parallel to the length of the board.

And when you’ve achieved the suitable speed, you’ll need to place the other foot on and switch your front foot to the riding position.

All of your tricks will be done with both of your foot in the riding position, so it’s important to do it properly and make it your second nature.

Learning how to turn

Now you’ve known how to position your feet and how to propel yourself forward, it’s time to learn the turning mechanics. There are two common ways to turn your skateboard to the desired direction. Which are the carving turn and kick turn?

The first one being the most exciting and relaxing way to turn your board. To do it, you’ll simply have to lean your body in a certain direction. The pressure that applies on the board will adjust its direction, allowing you to travel at will.

For the kick turn, if you need to make quick and sharp turns during a difficult situation, this is the method you should use. Just gently press your back foot on the tail to lift the head of your skateboard up. Then use the front foot to guide your skateboard into certain directions. Keep in mind that to perform this, you must slow down your skateboard first.

Quick Tips To Get Better At Skateboarding

Squared edge

Squared edge

Here you’ll find all the amazing tips that would help you get better at skateboarding really quick.

Use your board for transportation

With your skateboard available, walking doesn’t seem like a good option anymore. In facts, it’s both inefficient and less comfortable compared to skateboarding. By traveling on four wheels, you can get to your destination quicker without having to break too much sweat.

In additions, by doing casual transportation on your board when you’ve just practiced the sport, you can get better quick. That being said, once you’re comfortable with skating on your board, you can combine skating with doing tricks to make your ride more interesting. And also get familiar with the tricks.

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Balance between skating with friends and alone

To make your skating session more relaxing and enjoyable, you should definitely go with some of your friends. By skating together, you’ll create a good atmosphere so that you would dare to try tricks that you aren’t comfortable with. In additions, it’s also a good way to socialize and make you forget about all the stresses.

While skating with friends can be beneficial, it’s always nice to spend some time alone, doing what you want. In facts, for most of the time, I always practice my new tricks alone and then show them to my friends. By having a space of your own, you can practice your tricks over and over again without being distracted.

Set your goals

Skateboard concave shapes

Skateboard concave shapes

At the first stages, you don’t have to force yourself on doing some difficult tricks. It can be as simple as mastering the basics like pushing, turning, and so on. You just have to give yourself a certain set of goals that need to be completed. This would give you a purpose before going to the skate park, and once you get there, you’ll focus on a single goal and progress.

Don’t neglect your weaknesses

It’s never a good decision to forget about your weaknesses and focus solely on what you’re good at. By doing this, you might never improve as a skateboarder. Instead, make sure you spend some time working on the skills that you aren’t good at.

Like I’ve said, it would be more effective if you set a goal before going to the skate park and stick to it.

And that’s our opinions on the good age to start skateboarding. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.