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About Us

Hello! We are an experienced team and we provide reviews on blogs for products that are related
to skateboards. Our articles will give you interesting information, from big skateboards companies in the world to local companies, and other interesting things that you don’t know about skateboards. Come to https://www.globalskateboarding.tv and you will get the latest and useful information about skateboards.


Our goal is to improve the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future. We look forward to creating a good world and healthy people.

Skateboards is a modern sport, and it is also seen as a skill game that works great for your health as exercise. However, when you come to skateboards, you will exercise in a new, cool, fun, and healthier way.

Through skateboards articles, we want to popularize this sport to everyone. All the benefits and interesting things about skateboards, we will share with you. Through this way, we want to inspire people to live healthier lives.

Our Staff

Angela Jane:

Angela Jane

Angela Jane

I am a young girl who loves skateboards. I learned about this exciting sport from the age of 8, through my brother. Skateboards give me a positive outlook on life. This sport helps me be more confident and courageous. And I am also an editor that writes reviews for skateboards.

Daisy Johnson:

Daisy Johnson

Daisy Johnson

I am a high school teacher. However, I am also an editor and I am passionate about skateboards. I play skateboards because it helps me reduce pressure in life. Besides, I also shared my experience of skateboards through https://www.globalskateboarding.tv.

Harry Wilson:

Harry Wilson

Harry Wilson

I am an adventurous traveler. I traveled a lot, from Europe to Asia. I like cycling, climbing, fishing, … however, my biggest passion is playing skateboards. You know, this is a sport that can connect you with any person in the world, even if you don’t have the same language. Every time I know something new about skateboards, I will share it with you.

Gwen Terry:

Gwen Terry

Gwen Terry

I write reviews based on my creativity. I want to share the useful things that skateboards bring to you. I myself am a professional on skateboards and I have been playing this sport for more than 8 years. However, I used to be a shy boy. Skateboards help me grow up and have a more enjoyable life. And I want to tell you: don’t be shy and come to skateboards, an art sport with lots of benefits.

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What are the reviews?

We share information about the latest, best, and most popular skateboards in the world.

We help you understand more about their skateboards, their desires, and their mission.

We have reviews on every detail of a skateboard. We help you understand that skateboards have many types for many different customers.

We help you know how to protect yourself when playing skateboards.

If you are a newbie, we can guide you to play skateboards in the easiest way.

If you are a professional, read the articles about our advanced skills.